POSITON    Rubika

2018 / 2019 (9 months)  Atma

The player embodies Shaya, guardian of the balance between the visible and invisible world. Atma, the lover, tried to create an Urja much too early to protect this balance, but this creation would be a failure.

This experience creates a gap between the two worlds, breaking the balance that Shaya guarantees.


The player will then have the choice between following the path of the guardians or letting himself be guided by the love that binds Shaya to Atma.

My missions

  • Participate to the whole Game Design

  • Design & Build the Tutorial Levels (Tinkanya's Path, Atma's Psyché)

  • Design & Build the main Dungeon (Hava Temple)

  • Overall tweaking and polishing

  • Playtests

The Team ♥

Tristan Veille

Julia Martinez Baiardi

Lila Grimaldi

Alexis Ledouble

Clara Wimmer

Julien Crepin

Vincent Letang

Pierrick Querolle

Antonin Druelle

Lead Game Designer, 3C / Combat Designer

Vision Owner, Character Artist & 2D Artist

Producer, System & Narative Designer

Lead Gameplay Programmer / 3C Programmer

Lead Artist, Environment Artist & Level Artist

Gameplay Programmer, IA Programmer

Environnement & Lighting Artist

SFX & Music

Level Designer, IA Designer