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Call Of Cult – Descent to Sylvania – is a board game created during my first year at Rubika Supinfogame.

the game

Call Of Cult asks you to embody one of the 4 remaining cults of Mythos: the Spider, Bear, Octopus or Wild Boar cult. Start a race against the clock against other cults, in the descent of a rift to obtain a great power sealed behind the Gate of Sylvania. Convert your rivals’ followers, create paths of faith, and trap your rivals with dark relics by claiming the power that is yours.

Trailer (VF only) of Call of Cult)


Game Mat of Call of Cult

As part of a project at the end of the first year at Rubika Supinfogame, in a team of 6 students (including 3 game designers and 3 game artists), we created a tactical card game.


Followers cards


Cult Lords cards

my missions ...

Cult management boards

I was particularly involved in the project management and team organization, to get a good understanding in the project and to do an efficient job. Within the framework of this project, since it was a 1st year project I had the advantage of having the experience of having already worked in a group before going to this school, so I tried to take this advantage to carry out this project successfully.

Apart from the project management, I of course participated in the creation of the game design, and the prototyping / tweaking of the game. I also took care of the play test part so I could get as many feedback as possible and have a balanced game.

Finally, I was also in charge of communicating with the pro printers for the final prints of the game.

Working on a board game project has helped me a lot to work on my thinking from a game design point of view. Since there was no programming or prototyping on the engine, it really allowed me to focus on balancing and to have a more in-depth reflection on my game design and precisely help me on my future projects.

pictures of the game ...

Objective board for the descent to Sylvania

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