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POSITON    Rubika


2020 / 2021 (9 months)  Pasta Madre

Embody Graziella, fights your rivals in bouncy and dynamic fights to retrieve the powerful Pasta Madre. Use the power of your pasta gun to cookl ammos to create interesting new projectiles.

My missions

  • Design, tweak and polish juicy & dynamic 3C

  • Conception of game systems

  • Lead the Game Design team and communicate clearly with the other poles.

  • Write technical & design documents about game systems, controller, camera.

  • Prototyped in engine camera behaviors

  • Integrate and debug sound design (music & sfx), and UI.

  • Manage playtest sessions

The Team ♥

Tristan Veille

Julia Martinez Baiardi

Lila Grimaldi

Alexis Ledouble

Clara Wimmer

Julien Crepin

Vincent Letang

Pierrick Querolle

Antonin Druelle

Marie Leblanc

Louis Florance

Yuna Colloc

John Mondelli

Amber Dawson

Jacquelyn Graham

Pierrick Querolle

Geraud Delon

Nessim Chebaane

Lead Game Designer, 3C / Combat Designer

Vision Owner, Character Artist & 2D Artist

Producer, System & Narative Designer

Lead Gameplay Programmer / 3C Programmer

Lead Artist, Environment Artist & Level Artist

Gameplay Programmer, IA Programmer

Environnement & Lighting Artist

SFX & Music

Level Designer, IA Designer

Props Artist

Props Artist

3D Animator

Voice Actor

Voice Actress

Voice Actress


Sound Designer

Rigger & Skinner

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