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POSITON    Rubika


2019 / 2020 (9 months)  Quash

The player will be in a room with a wall of bricks in front of him that he can destroy with a ball that he will control with a racket. There are 3 different brick types: blue, green and neutral. The bricks will be destructible if the colour of the ball matches the colour of the brick in question. The player can choose to change the colour of the ball at any time everytime he hits it. 

My missions

  • Owner of the original vision of the game

  • Overall polishing and balancing of the Game Design

  • Designed flowcharts and prototyped the whole User Interface and the HUD in VR

  • Managed the pre-production

  • Managed the community discord, and the official Twitter account

  • Organized playtest sessions

The Team ♥

Tristan Veille

Timothé Dauplay

Vincent Trinel

Francois Noël

Timothé Piau

Alexis Ledouble

Sonia En-Najibi

Pierrick Querolle

Geoffrey Pineau

Lead Game Design, UI Design

Game Design, Level Design, Shaders

Game Design, Level Design

Gameplay & Tool Programming

Gameplay & Physics Programming

Network Programming


SFX & Music

Release Management, Producing

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