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Mariachi was my main 3rd year mobile game project. We were a team of 7 students for the development of the game.

  • Use my 6 years experience in Rhythm Games to create and balance a new dynamic experience of Mariachi's game design.

  • Design & Prototype the User Interface and in game HUD.

  • Integrate UI Assets in the prototype.

  • Managing the whole team.

  • Organized playtest sessions with constant feedbacks and bug reports.


Game Designer
UI / UX Designer

In Mariachi, you will have to tap to the rhythm of the music of each level by following its BPM, to move and shoot targets in the whole level design. By doing this you will be able to get a score, that will allow you to visualize it on local leaderboards for each song of the game.



Full gameplay video


As a rhythm game enthusiast and a game designer, I wanted to make a rhythm game on mobile that is not just a typical rhythm game where you have to tap notes in the rhythm of the song. I wanted to make it more casual but by taking the most famous type of mobile game which is runner games and adding rhythm game mecanics to it, so the player will have a unique dynamic experience.


For the production I had to manage the team of 7 people. I had to elaborate all Mariachi's user interfaces. As a rhythm game you have multiple screens, such as leaderboards, in game, main menus & scoreboards ...

the team

Tristan Veille

Samuel Basset

Axel Chatelain

Ilona Guiraud

Hugo Ducrocq

Loïc Voisin

Hugo Guisnet

Pierrick Querolle


Game Designer, Producer, UI Design

Level Designer

Gameplay Programmer

UI Artist, VFX Artist

Environnement Artist

Tech Artist

Character Artist

SFX & Music


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