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Atma was my main 2nd year game project. We were a team of 11 students  for the development of the game. Atma was judged the top game of the 2nd year in 2018 at RUBIKA SupInfoGame.

  • Participate to the whole Game Design

  • Design & Build the Tutorial Levels

  • Design & Build the main Dungeon

  • Overall tweaking and polishing

  • Playtests


Game Designer

Level Designer


70K+ Downloads

95% Positive Feedbacks

Rewards & Reviews

My first responsability was to create the tutorial levels, basically the levels where the player will learn how to use the mechanics we have in the game. 

I was also responsible for the level design, and the building / scripting on the engine for the ornithologist’s psyche level. My goal for this level was to teach the player the main mechanics in an entire level without making the player realize that it is a tutorial. All this is done on purpose so that the player can feel at ease and be effective at understanding the gameplay.


I was also in charge of another level which aims to teach the player a new mechanic, but the same as the previous level again hiding the fact that the level is a pure and hard tutorial. This level is built to follow Shaya’s journey through history.

For this level I took care of the level design, and the building / scripting on the engine.

Hava temple

My biggest job was to build and script a large part of the final dungeon before the game's boss.

In this dungeon the principle is that there will be a central hub in the middle of the dungeon with the final objective already present in the level. This objective is a door that will have to be opened to access the rest of the story, but to do so it will be necessary to complete the 2 different parts of this to supply this door with a fluid. 
These two parts are different, the one on the left is really focused on the puzzle part with a bit of fighting then the one on the right where the fighting will be more present with less hard puzzles.

What was interesting about scripting this level was the fact that it was a big scene with a lot of interaction to build, which was a tough job for me because it was the first time I was in charge of such a big level. 


What was interesting about scripting this level was the fact that it was a big scene with a lot of interaction to build, which was a tough job for me because it was the first time I was in charge of such a big level. 

Finally, for the rest of the production, once the scripting was done, I took care of the overall tweaking of the game, and fine tuning of the scenes.

This experience was very interesting, and thanks to this project I had a big learning experience which will help me in my next project.

about the game

The player embodies Shaya, guardian of the balance between the visible and invisible world. Atma, the lover, tried to create an Urja much too early to protect this balance, but this creation would be a failure.

This experience creates a gap between the two worlds, breaking the balance that Shaya guarantees.


The player will then have the choice between following the path of the guardians or letting himself be guided by the love that binds Shaya to Atma.

About the game

In terms of video game references we mainly had Shadow of the Colossus, which is a game with a strong personal involvement for the player and, in second reference, Okami for the main mechanics which is drawing.

In graphic terms our references to civilizations/cultures such as the Tibetan and Nepalese populations for example. Buddhism also integrated well with our concept and allowed us to explore a culture and graphic representation less present in our Western culture.

the team

Atma @ArtToPlay Nantes - France



Atma @Indicade Paris - France



Game Designers 
Geoffrey Pineau | Vincent Trinel | Tristan Veille | François Noël | Robin Seignolles

Game Artists 
Julia Martinez-Baiardi | Alice Fernandez | Sonia En-Najibi | Laurène Savary

VFX Artist
Nicolas Ceriani 

Sound Designer

Pierrick Querolle


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