Pasta Madre is my graduation project where we are currently in the pre-production phase. We're a team of 9 Master's Degree students and 1 external sound designer.

  • Design juicy & dynamic 3C.

  • Participate in the whole design of the Game Systems.

  • Lead the Game Design team and communicate clearly with the other poles.

  • Write Technical & Design Documents

  • Integrate Sound Design & UI

  • Manage playtest sessions.


Lead Game Designer

3C & Combat Designer


3rd Person




Current Stage (Pre-production)

Technical & Design Documents

In order to have efficient production and communication, I had to elaborate technical and design documents so the entire team would understand the game's system correctly so that the programmers could develop the systems efficiently.

  • Breakdown of each system into single documents in Pasta Madre's wiki.

  • Each document contains : 

    • Short description of the system / mechanic ​

    • Technical Conditions

    • Tweakable Variables

    • Basic Algorithms

    • Camera Behaviors (Illustrated with animated videos)

    • Gameplay References

Each member of the team can easily react and modify these documents. 


Thanks to the technical documents I provided, I could easily have access to the tweakable structures in the game engine (Unreal Engine 4) in order to tweak them myself without conflicting with the Blueprints.

pipeline mangaging

For an efficient production I had to establish a graphic pipeline for every Game Design pole so all the Game Designers could be well organized and be aware of all the parts of the production and what was related to what.

All the poles are seperated by parts : 

  • 3C

  • Pastagun

  • IA ( Ennemies)

  • Level Design

The Team 

Tristan Veille

Julia Martinez Baiardi

Lila Grimaldi

Alexis Ledouble

Clara Wimmer

Julien Crepin

Vincent Letang

Pierrick Querolle

Noémie Meguerdichian

Antonin Druelle

Lead Game Designer, 3C / Combat Designer

Artistic Director, Character Artist

Producer, System & Narative Designer

Lead Gameplay Programmer / 3C Programmer

Lead Game Artist, Environment Artist

Gameplay Programmer, IA Programmer

Environnement & Lighting Artist

SFX & Music


Level Designer, IA Designer

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