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POSITON    Freelance

2015 / 2021  osu! & Beat Saber

Since 2015 I've been creating levels for community based rhythm games as freelance. I love music and was really interested in mapping songs I enjoy so the community and myself could play them. Around that I built a community of 50k~ people following my creations through Twitch and social networks. Over the years on osu for exemple I've been the most popular level creator with more than 80 million plays on my maps per year with more than 300 maps officially ranked on the game.

Partnered Twitch Streamer

From now I'm a part-time partnered Twitch streamer that stream every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for about 2 hours my content creation on rhythm games such as osu! or Beat Saber. 

  • logotwitch
  • Gazouillement
  • Icône sociale YouTube
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